Philosophically Accurate

Hiya internet. I’m a sixteen-year-old in Year 11 with opinions! And no life!
This blog will be about several things:

  • Philosophy, with a focus on egalitarianism and LGBTQI rights
  • Personal beliefs such as Buddhism
  • My life with high functioning Aspergers, and how it affects me even though it’s high functioning (not severe)
  • Talking to people and how to do it
  • Discussing things said on my good friend’s blog which you should also check out because he’s much more expressive about things than I am
  • Pedantic things that I obsess over
  • Bit of programming

Hopefully I’ll actually post a lot. Don’t count on it though!


Best Friends

Why is “best friend” a thing? Do you value your best friend over your other friends?
Don’t you think that’s morally horrible?

Instead of “you’re my best friend”, try “you’re one of my best friends”. It doesn’t feel as good to the person that you’re talking to, but it gives you the moral high ground, and there’s a gooood view from the moral high ground…

Driving #2

I went driving for the second time yesterday. We again went to an industrial area where there aren’t any other cars on the road, and I spent about half an hour driving round there. Then Dad decided I was good enough to make other car friends and to go onto a road where cars > 0. We only had two really close shaves with some poles though, so I must have subconsciously learnt how to drive more safely in a single week.

I feel really… unprepared about driving. Like, all I have to do is answer a 45 question multiple choice test and then I can legally get in a car with a supervisor who can’t control the car? Seems legit. But that’s apparently how our system works and I guess it does eventually get people good at driving, so I guess it’s okay…

Proprioception (or lack thereof) didn’t really play up much, It only makes my driving a bit less smooth, with jerks when I’m starting off from a standstill.

So as we were about halfway home, off the freeway, Dad decided that we should pull over and I should drive home. So I did. Second time driving and already on a suburban road! Woo hoo!




As a side note, I believe that in my haste I grabbed a few too many L plates.


I got my Ls today.

Not quite sure how I feel about it; I mean, there was the expected anxiety while taking the test, but learning to drive is part of that thing that I really don’t want to do: grow up.

I’m sure this will all go fine and my lack of proprioception won’t kill anyone.

Also I think Mum picked up a few too many L plates:


Ah well. Now I have new and interesting frisbees…

3D Gaming

I have an addictive personality. Absolutely no idea if it’s Aspergers or not, don’t particularly care either way.
Advantages: I get really good at something/I learn all about something
Disadvantages: I don’t do anything else.

So I’ve been brought up in a family that didn’t allow much gaming (probably a wise decision), and I recently got my first decent-quality baby laptop. The specs are good enough to run Warframe, which is an awesome, well thought out, indev 3D futuristic space fighter.
I could go on and on about warframe (indeed I think I may have bored out some friends of mine) and that would only prove my point. It’s algorithms are terrific, it’s really well designed and optimised, and it’s addictive.
I probably need to break out of said addition because assessment week. So wish me luck!
And as a related note (thank you XKCD):

Assessment Week

Yesterday marked the start of Year 11 Assessment Week, the time everybody dreads.

It’s really not so bad (well, my timetable isn’t so bad). I’ve got five tests over six days:

Thursday: Adv. Maths

Friday: Ext. 1 Maths, Adv. English

Monday: Nothin’. 😀

Tuesday: Chemistry

Wednesday: Nothin’. 😀

Thursday: Physics

What’s cool is that we don’t need to be at school at all if we don’t have a test; I basically have a long weekend. That said, I’ll probably be studying for said weekend. Eh.