3D Gaming

I have an addictive personality. Absolutely no idea if it’s Aspergers or not, don’t particularly care either way.
Advantages: I get really good at something/I learn all about something
Disadvantages: I don’t do anything else.

So I’ve been brought up in a family that didn’t allow much gaming (probably a wise decision), and I recently got my first decent-quality baby laptop. The specs are good enough to run Warframe, which is an awesome, well thought out, indev 3D futuristic space fighter.
I could go on and on about warframe (indeed I think I may have bored out some friends of mine) and that would only prove my point. It’s algorithms are terrific, it’s really well designed and optimised, and it’s addictive.
I probably need to break out of said addition because assessment week. So wish me luck!
And as a related note (thank you XKCD):


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