Driving #2

I went driving for the second time yesterday. We again went to an industrial area where there aren’t any other cars on the road, and I spent about half an hour driving round there. Then Dad decided I was good enough to make other car friends and to go onto a road where cars > 0. We only had two really close shaves with some poles though, so I must have subconsciously learnt how to drive more safely in a single week.

I feel really… unprepared about driving. Like, all I have to do is answer a 45 question multiple choice test and then I can legally get in a car with a supervisor who can’t control the car? Seems legit. But that’s apparently how our system works and I guess it does eventually get people good at driving, so I guess it’s okay…

Proprioception (or lack thereof) didn’t really play up much, It only makes my driving a bit less smooth, with jerks when I’m starting off from a standstill.

So as we were about halfway home, off the freeway, Dad decided that we should pull over and I should drive home. So I did. Second time driving and already on a suburban road! Woo hoo!




As a side note, I believe that in my haste I grabbed a few too many L plates.


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