HF Aspergers and me

Now, hopefully you’ve done as I asked in the previous post about Asperger’s Syndrome (that’s a lot of letters; it shall be known hereof as AS or HFAS).
I don’t have severe AS, and I’m not trying to complain/put myself above those who do. But it is still prevalent in the way I think and act.
When I talk (from my mouth), quite frequently I “go on autopilot”. This has led to a few problems in the past (Jess and Fishy, I am so sorry) but not too many, luckily. I mumble a bit, and I find it difficult to explain ideas out loud. This caused a lack of social skills, a small group of friends, and a small amount of bullying and victimisation when I was in primary school. Nothing really bad, though, I haven’t really had it all that bad in my life.
There are two things about this: I’m not on autopilot all the time, and being on autopilot doesn’t mean that I always say things that I don’t want to, or things that I didn’t mean. In fact a lot of the time being on autopilot is a good thing, as I can talk and think separately.
What is interesting, though, is that that only applies when I am physically speaking out loud. When I’m texting, or on Google Hangouts, I’m not hindered by the nervousness of talking face to face. So as I sit here writing this I am thinking about what I’m saying and that’s what’s coming out. This girl showed that same inability, the inability to talk verbally.
Anyway, yeah. That’s a disadvantage of AS. I’ll continue with it some other time when I figure out how to say it.