Cirque du Soleil

I just saw the famous French traveling circus; their show Totem was pretty amazing. I think that, judging by the claps, people only appreciate what looks good, not what takes the most effort to perform. As somebody who practises certain unusual skills such as card manipulation and opening and twirling butterfly knives, I think we should appreciate all things that take years of practice, no matter how good it looks.
The things that they did at the circus require so much timing and coordination. An example is the scene (I won’t spoil much) where there’s five 2-metre unicyclists who throw metal bowls from their feet onto each other’s heads and catch them. The thing that got me was when they dropped a few of the bowls; that’s when you realise that no matter how good they are, no matter how many years of practice they have, they still drop a bowl sometimes.
So yeah. Appreciate when someone takes time to practice something so they can impress you with it. They deserve your attention.